Pour en finir avec la pandémie/Putting an end to the pandemic.

C’est limpide et visible aux yeux de toutes et de tous : ce virus n’est qu’un des révélateurs de nos sociétés radicalement pathogènes. Il imposerait donc des mesures en profondeur visant la nourriture empoisonnée produite à échelle sur-industrielle, la pollution planétaire démente (8 millions de morts par an), les « rythmes » épuisants et déprimants d’un travail contraint et dénué de sens auquel sont astreints la plupart d’entre nous, la destruction de la biodiversité qui fait s’effondrer les barrières d’espèces, l’hypnose marchande qui falsifie nos regards, nos relations, nos désirs… Il n’en est rien : les dominants ont la ferme intention de tout continuer sur le fond, en nous injectant autoritairement et à doses répétées n’importe quoi qui nous pousse à continuer l’infernale production du Mirage.

Photo de Yaroslav Danylchenko sur Pexels.com

It is clear and visible to everyone: this virus is only one of the indicators of our radically pathogenic societies. It would therefore impose in-depth measures aimed at the poisoned food produced on an over-industrial scale, the insane global pollution (8 million deaths per year), the exhausting and depressing « rhythms » of a forced and meaningless work to which most of us are subjected, the destruction of biodiversity which collapses the species barriers, the commercial hypnosis which falsifies our looks, our relationships, our desires… It is nothing of the sort: the dominants have the firm intention to continue everything on the bottom, by injecting us authoritatively and in repeated doses anything that pushes us to continue the infernal production of the Mirage.

Audio translation:

In fact, it is perfectly established, even if the word remains unknown to most people and governments do not advertise it, that we are undergoing a syndromic disease, that is to say the meeting between a viral disease (caused by Sars-Cov2) and a set of chronic pathologies, such as obesity, diabetes, cardiac, respiratory, renal, neurological pathologies, etc… In other words, if we were to form healthy societies, the impact of the virus would be derisory, knowing that the vast majority of people seriously affected are in a situation of comorbidity. From this point of view, the poverty of hospital structures, which has been maintained and even worsened over the last two years, is almost anecdotal. It is true that there was a lack of places to properly accommodate the victims of the syndrome, who were reduced to taking doliprane, and it is true that those who were able to obtain such places were only able to do so at the expense of other people suffering from other pathologies, but the bottom line of the scandal is that the vast majority of the deceased were not victims of the virus, But the bottom of the scandal is that the vast majority of the people who died were not victims of the virus, as the media and the leaders trumpet, a virus that only precipitated the fatal outcome, but rather of the universally pathogenic and frequently deadly way of life resulting from the thirst for power and money that drives the multinationals and leaders of all kinds. Covid is therefore only the accidental cause, in the philosophical sense, of these deaths, while the fanatical taste for profit at any price is the essential cause. In addition to distracting us from this observation, the pandemic show broadcasted for two years on a planetary scale tends to make us forget that Covid is far from being the main cause of mortality in the world, nor the most dangerous. Much more deadly, and this is easy to verify, are air pollution, malnutrition, alcoholism, obesity, without forgetting the diseases and accidents of alienated work, etc. However, in no society has there ever been a « health pass » that drastically limits polluting activities, gives access to food, reduces alcohol production, discourages sedentary life and the production of toxic foods, and even less so the economic, psychological, physical and mental exploitation of the working masses. In fact, the opposite is true: not only has the race for profits continued, « whatever it takes » as the other says, but it has found in the virus a new goose that lays golden eggs, apparently as inexhaustible as the fearful submission promulgated as a mode of planetary government. For everything is about appearances, in the society of the spectacle. And now that the populations are – apparently – under control, or in the process of being so, and that the business of even more flourishing businesses is resurfacing everywhere, there is only one small unknown to be mastered: how to reconcile the Great Mirage with the collapse of biodiversity, climate chaos, endemic overpopulation and the uncontrollable reactions of the zombies that are sure to proliferate.

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