2 réflexions sur “True report on the first chances to impose definitively the artificial to the whole planet / Véridique rapport sur les premières chances d’imposer définitivement l’artificiel à toute la planète.

  1. True report on the first chances to impose definitively the artificial to the whole planet.
    (This document should be able to circulate in some « progressive » circles, in order to test their reactions)

    « It is not urgent to bring answers quickly to the origin of the virus, to the number of side effects generated by the vaccines, present or to come. The mystery that surrounds these data is conducive to conspiracy, and conspiracy is conducive to our enterprise: to gradually and massively increase the control of the populations, gripping them, more strongly than ever before, in the jaws of submission and fear. Fear of the virus, fear of expressing criticism, fear of marginalization, fear of the policeman, fear of the future. Submission to health diktats, to new behavioral and communication codes, to orders, to experts, to self-surveillance.
    We have known for a long time that this situation would arise, and on the whole, for the most part, we have been able to make the most of it.
    We know full well that other pandemics will come, and other economic, social and ecological « catastrophes ». These are disasters only from the spectacular point of view: for us, they are the converging conditions of a completed domination.
    We also know that many of our servants will see their situation worsen, and even more so that of those they command: all this should not disturb us, nor make us doubt.
    It is only important to emerge victorious from this universal decantation which will bring us, and those who will succeed us, an unprecedented control over the totality of earthly life.
    It is necessary for that to be armed with patience and perseverance because the transhumanist hold on this totality is only in its experimental beginnings. We must favor, as we have done so well with RNA, a planned re-education of all forms of life, starting with human cattle, which is beginning to get used to artificial selection. We are obviously not yet, from a technological and societal point of view, able to openly and without risk, to propose in an acceptable, even attractive way, the equipment of man and the artificial, which will complete and close the spectacularization of everything. But this perspective, which was only theoretical a short time ago, has finally taken shape practically before our eyes. Here is that consenting populations accept with an unhoped-for passivity to serve as guinea pigs, to abandon their bodies to genetics and their thoughts to governments, even going so far as to spontaneously denounce the deviants: the conspiracists and the like. We have to continue this media work of assimilating any dissent or resistance to the conspiracy matrix; and we can only rejoice in the enthusiastic collaboration that most political and journalistic oppositions bring to this task: those who have the legal permission to criticize us on a thousand details, now make it their duty as citizens to assist us on the essential: to confirm that there is no longer any choice.
    We are finally entitled to envisage for the near future the passage to the next stage, which will be decisive: that the rare populations connected to spectacular science consider it a privilege to be conquered to be part of the artificial which has become the dominant form of all life.
    Let us not be afraid of words, which are definitely part of our power: we are already gods! « 


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